IT Manager


Required Experience

  • Degree from an internationally recognized university.
  • Minimum of 10-15 years of directly related work experience in a technical support position in the UK market.
  • Experience of working in medium sized businesses leading technology projects and transformation to a mature IT function.

Provide direction and leadership to the IT team, under the overall guidance of MD.

  • Manage and coordinate all IT activities, including business process analysis.
  • Responsible for cost of IT, budgets, ensuring value for money of IT holistically – including the development of direct and indirect IT-driven income streams.
  • Act as point of escalation for all IT issues, ensuring that the right activities are prioritized and planned according to business needs, taking into account relative importance and urgency.
  • Act as trusted advisor to business management, specifically providing advice and guidance to ensure good decision making in relation to technical and process matters.
  • Liaise with management, keeping them advised of progress and relevant issues at all times, and including them in decisions they are required to be involved in.
  • Ensure fluid communication and reporting with management, including but not limited to informal and formal reporting of all issues and decisions that require management attention and/or input.
  • Liaise with other department heads to manage User Acceptance Testing, system recovery tests, maintenance windows and other disruptions, planned and unplanned.
  • Responsible for taking timely decisions to avoid delay in the execution of IT and business process responsibilities within the jurisdiction of the IT and business process team.

Drive the successful delivery of the change plan, specifically:

  • Implementation of fundamental, business enabling technologies including the development of a functioning MIS, Microsoft Active Directory (according to the authority matrix), backup and restore strategy, intranet, appropriate hardware and software.
  • Suitable hardware, software and networking solutions required to deliver reliable IT services throughout EPG.
  • Delivery of the business process analysis plan to ensure that processes and management information continue to be automated and improved upon.
  • Act as mentor to the IT and business process team, guiding and advising them both as a team and developing them as individuals, improving personal and technical competencies.
  • Ensure that existing policies and procedures are adhered to both internally within IT and throughout EPG, fit for purpose and developed / augmented as required.


  • Ensure that the IT and business process teams carry out their responsibilities effectively and in a timely manner, in line with the needs and priorities of the business.
  • Continually evaluate work activities to determine and implement optimum ways of working.
  • Play a lead role in supplier management in conjunction with the IT team and management team (particularly finance and purchasing).
  • Find innovative solutions to problems, including but not limited to finding cost effective solutions and advocating the use of new systems and technologies to further benefit  the business

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