Vice President, Product

We are looking for a Vice President, Product. This senior leader will have executive responsibility for the innovation agenda, the discipline with which the product roadmap is managed, the distinctive competency set the brand chooses to identify with and rally around, and will help inform how the product is packaged, priced, explained, differentiated, bought and sold.

Responsible for:

  • ●  Build and lead a team of product managers that together define, prioritize, communicate, market and measure product features to be developed by counterpart engineering teams against a roadmap aligned with the goals of the company and the needs of the stakeholders.

  • ●  Install and tune a product management roadmap discipline that allows evaluation and prioritisation of product development initiatives across the stack, while measuring the actual impact of  product development initiatives against the results. Help  make objective and evidence-based prioritisation decisions.

  • ●  Identify and amplify the distinctive competencies of the product and organization. Lead the definition and redefinition of what the product is, and just as importantly, what the product is not. Help cull features or services that are not valued or that don’t scale; fortify or amplify features or services that are highly valued and scale or could be made to scale.

  • ●  Develop, communicate and lead the realization of the company’s long-term product vision.

  • ●  Implement a communication strategy that keeps internal and external stakeholders

    informed of the vision,  roadmap and new features as they are released.

  • ●  Grow, build and mentor the product team. Align product strategy & UX strategy

-- Worldwide -- Europe

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