Retained – 17% – 22% Variable


#Contingency – 17% – 20% Variable


4 #Retained fee vacancy slots – £60,000 A great value option that is less costly than a single retained or contingency role and enables cashflow management and budget management.
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8 Retained fee vacancy slots -£100,000 A great value option that is less costly than a single retained or #contingency role and enables cashflow management, budget# management.
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Annual (365 day) Retained fee – Contact us

You receive a great value fee level on an annual basis compared to traditional retained search/ contingency fee approach.

A true extension of the business and one agency contact point who will prioritise not just your vacancies, but market your brand, excite candidates and deliver quality.

  • Build your talent pool with quality screened candidates even if there is no current vacancy.
  • We can manage your existing agencies.
  • You don’t need to worry about rebate periods if someone leaves or does not cut it! We just replace.
  • Potentially reduce employee costs.
  • Offers a fixed recruitment cost.
  • We hold a greater influence over candidate perception than internal recruitment teams. We create the story, the picture and the positivity.
  • The business can release vacancies previously not signed off for external recruitment costs. The complete corporate vacancy list.  

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